Jenny Kassan
Fund and Fuel Your Dreams
Three Day Live Training Event
October 18 - 20, 2018
University of Baltimore - Baltimore, MD

Training for Women Who Want to Raise the Right Money from the Right Investors
Join an amazing group of women entrepreneurs for hands-on, expert training on how to raise money for your business. This training is for you if...
  • You want to take your business to the next level so you can have a greater impact in the world doing what you love 
  •  You’ve heard horror stories about what happens when you bring on the wrong investors, and you want to avoid those pitfalls and stay in control
  •  You’re tired of wasting time with non-productive capital raising strategies
  •  You want to find investors who are the exact right fit for you
  •  You find the whole capital-raising process intimidating and overwhelming, and you want clarity and support
Three Day Training and
Investor Insight Session
Early Bird Price - $297

About this Training Event
This training is NOT about how to raise money in the Silicon Valley style where your investors will expect you to grow as fast as possible at any cost so that the company can be acquired in 5-7 years and the investors make a killing. We will not waste your time teaching you how to make yourself more appealing to this kind of investor! Why? Because in our opinion, that model is wrong for 99.9% of businesses – especially woman-owned mission-driven businesses.
This training event IS about designing a capital raising strategy customized to your unique situation, values, structure, and goals. Our approach works for companies at any stage and in any industry. 
Fund and Fuel Your Dreams is a 3-day event where you will get hands-on, expert training on how to raise money for your business. You will leave with a step-by-step plan and resources to take the plan forward. At the event there will be opportunities for support from experts on messaging, your financials, and more. It is also a place to connect with like-minded mission-driven, heart centered women entrepreneurs in a supportive fun environment! You'll even have an opportunity to meet socially conscious investors that are especially interested in women-led businesses!  
We will cover...
1. Perfect Positioning
  •  Learn how to attract the right investors for you
  •  Position your offering in a way that is authentic to you
  •  Learn what to do before starting the capital raising process so that you use your time most effectively
2. Packaging Your Offer
  • Understand all the options you can offer (equity, debt, etc.) and choose the one that's best for you
  • Learn tools for choosing a valuation for your business that you can feel confident about
  • Craft your "ask"
  •  Decide how much to ask for
  •  Create your offering materials – with fill-in-the-blank templates and hands-on coaching
    3. Investor Enrollment
    • How to ask for the meeting – with fill-in-the-blank scripts
    • How to prepare for the meeting
    • What to say in the meeting
    •  How to legally include anyone as a potential investor
    4. The Right Investors: Who are they and where to find them
    • Learn about the different types of investors and what each one is looking for
    • Identify the right investors for you so that you stop wasting time on the wrong ones
    • Learn how to find and attract investors
    5. Your Inner Game
    • Learn to ask for the investment with power and confidence
    • Kick your limiting beliefs to the curb
    • Case studies – success stories from diverse industries to inspire you
    Crowdfunding 101
    Jenny is one of the nation’s leading experts on this topic and has been tracking recent developments. She will share all the available options that allow you to legally raise capital from the crowd and give you the tools to decide which ones may be right for you.
    Your Legal Questions Answered
    Ask your legal questions about company structure and finance – examples include:
    - Should I be a B Corp?
    - What are the tax implications for me and my investors when I raise money?
    - How can I legally partner with a nonprofit to raise grant funding?
    Additional Opportunities!
    Special Investor Insight Session
    You will be given the opportunity to hear from socially conscious investors who are especially interested in women-led businesses.  
    Access to Our Online Community
    Connect with other amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs in Our Fund and Fuel Your Dreams online support community for event participants.
    The Schedule
    Three Content-Filled Days (more detail soon)
    October 18 - 20, 2018 
    Three Day Training and 
    Investor Insight Session
    Early Bird Price -  $297 

    What People Are Saying
    "Jenny is amazing, and no one else offers the complete package – from conception to fully funded – to women entrepreneurs. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!"
    Dr. Lila Baker Reedy, Circus Connections
    "This event is incredibly inspiring and helped me understand the funding options available for entrepreneurs like me. "
    Laura Waters, Circles
    "By the end of the event, I felt I had a clear understanding of the decision process to move forward with raising money. I’m super glad I attended.”  
    Laurie Zerga, Chef-K

    "Jenny is an entrepreneur's dream come true!"
    Konda Mason, Impact Hub Oakland

    "Jenny is deeply knowledgeable about a topic most of us are not! Jenny walks you through the steps necessary for finding investors so that when you approach them, you feel that you’re on solid ground."
    Ann Kramer, Good4U Inc.
    "What I received in terms of information, connection, and support was priceless."
    Tara Christina, Tara’s Teas
    "Before Jenny’s event I was struggling. Now I know that I can attract the investor that’s right for me. "
    Rashelle Smith, Umbii
    "I left the event feeling empowered and confident with my ability to take my business to the next level. Jenny is so knowledgeable and understanding and the other attendees were so inspiring!"  
    Carol Luong, GreatPositive
    "Jenny brings a wealth of experience and a fantastic, healthy perspective to fundraising that turns it from a chore into empowerment!”
    Colleen Kavanaugh, Zego Snacks
    "The resource binder alone was worth attending… Jenny provided fantastic value: knowledge, support and community all at once.”
    Denise Rushing, Dancing TreePeople Organic Farm
    Your Expert Host, Jenny Kassan
    Jenny has over two decades of experience as an attorney and advisor for mission-driven enterprises.  She has helped her clients raise millions of dollars from values-aligned investors and raised over one million dollars for her own businesses.  Jenny is certified as a coach by the International Association of Women in Coaching.  She is the author of Raise Capital on Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your Business without Selling Your Soul (Berrett-Koehler, October 2017).
    Jenny earned her J.D. from Yale Law School and a masters degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley.  She served on the Securities and Exchange Commission Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies. She submitted the petition to the SEC that led to the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act and was present at the White House signing ceremony.  She is also a fellow at Democracy Collaborative and the co-founder of the Force for Good Fund.
    Before becoming a securities lawyer, Jenny worked for eleven years at a nonprofit community development corporation in Oakland, where she served as staff attorney and managed community economic development projects including the formation and management of several social ventures designed to employ and create business ownership opportunities for low-income community residents. She is a member of the Content Advisory Panel of Conscious Company Magazine and serves on the advisory boards of Lioness Magazine and Investibule. She is also the President of Community Ventures, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the economic and social development of communities. She also co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center, a nonprofit that provides legal information to support sustainable economies.
    Jenny Kassan Consulting is a certified B Corp and member of 1% for the Planet.
     “Jenny is, hands down, one of the most knowledgeable sources in the field today when it comes to creative capital raising for social enterprises and small businesses. She is a pivotal player in the budding local and social investing movement.”
    Amy Cortese, Author of "Locavesting"
    Three Day Training and Investor Reception: October 18 - 20, 2018 
    Start raising cash for your business from the people who love you and love what you do.
    Three Day Training and 
    Investor Insight Session
    Early Bird Price $297

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